This is Break Dungeon, a prototype to try out an idea I had that basically combines breakout with elements of Zelda. This is an extremely rough implementation of said idea. Please enjoy and share any and all feedback you may have. A changelog can be viewed on my website.


Arrow Keys - Move (only left & right in breakout mode)

A - Use sword in fight mode & launch ball in break mode

P - Pause the game

Instructions: The game will start in breakout mode where you'll have to use the ball and paddle to break the blocks. Blocks can take 1-3 hits to destroy, but some blocks will change appearance before the last block. These are monster blocks and destroying these will put you into fight mode. In fight mode you will receive full control of the player and use a sword to destroy enemies that spawn in. After defeating all the enemies you'll be switched back into breakout mode. This will continue until all the blocks are destroyed. When all blocks are destroyed a new level will immediately be loaded.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Release date Nov 02, 2018
AuthorAsix Jin
Made withAseprite, Godot
TagsBreakout, godot, zelda
Average sessionA few minutes


Alpha3 - Linux 14 MB
Alpha3 - Mac 28 MB
Alpha3 - Windows 13 MB

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